Welcome to our Resources for ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) and Catholic Schools Wiki!

This wiki will provide you with a variety of resources in various curricular areas through links, projects, and discussions. You may start your own project or discussion on a topic of interest in one of two ways. First, you are able to create a NEW PAGE in this wiki and then becoming a facilitator for that discussion. OR Start your own wiki and ask to have it linked to this wiki*. Training for how to create a wiki through wikispaces can be found at Web2.0 Technology Tutorials or in coming weeks through the Projects link to the right.

Below is a calendar of grant opportunities that Catholic Schools are eligible to apply. You may also want to check out Grant 4 Teachers and enter the appropriate information to search for more grant opportunities for faith based schools, public schools, and more.

  • Please email Pam Burish, pburish@nd.edu, if you wish to link a wiki related to Catholic education to this wikispace. Thank you.