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Terry The Tennis Ball
This wiki project is a collaborative "choose your own adventure" story, written by a 3rd and 4th grade class in Australia. At each junction in the story, following a short paragraph, readers can choose what happens to Terry. Contributors to the site add new choices to any junction in the story, then write a new paragraph about what happens after that choice. Classes have been contributing to the same story for several years.

This wiki has examples as well as resources that a Kindergarten (even PreKindergarten) through third grade teacher could use in his or her classroom. The resources are arranged by blogs, wikis, and other web 2.0 resources. The content is also arranged by subject matter.

Let's Go West!
A third grade class made this wikipedia-like project about westward expansion on the Oregon Trail. Students wrote articles on topics like wagons, native americans,and food, and used computer pograms to make timelines, diagrams, and pictures accompanying the articles. Teachers posted internet resources for students to use in their research, and a "teacher reflection" summarizing how students completed the project.

The Discovery Utopia Project
Seventh and eight grade students use this page for an assignment in which they create Utopian societies. Students collaborate in identifying useful resources and discussing and debating their visions for a utopian society, then build individual web pages describing their Utopias in detail

The wiki of a middle school library. Students post summaries and reviews of books they have read. Some books also have audio excerpts read by students. Over 600 books have been reviewed by students on the site.

Forest Ridge School Wiki
This is an example of a school wiki site for grades K - 5 and middle school. Here is an example of a Catholic School websiteat St. Francis Xavier

Wee Web Wonders
This site offers creative Web Tools for and by Students. There are a number of examples of projects for elementary and middle school levels.

VoiceThread for Education
Geared for K - 12, VoiceThread provides examples of many different writing across the curriculum projects. Just click on grade levels 3-5, 6-8, and high school for more levels and ideas.

KMS Amistad
Created by a middle school class, this wikipedia-style project focuse on the history of early 19th-century America. Students contributed articles about people, items, and events, linked their articles together, and collaborated on a main page summarizing the the history of the United States during the Industrial Revolution.

Flat Planet
Although at a high school level, this is a particularly interesting project. Two catholic high school classes, one in Ontario and one in London, divided into small groups and collaborated on a multidisciplinary project examining various environmental issues, their moral implications, and their possible policy solutions. Guest judges from Australia, Montreal, and Georgia evaluated the final project.

My Side of the Mountain
Created by elementary school students in conjunction with their reading of the book "My Side of the Mountain". Students posted assignments including summaries, timelines, comparisons, related research, and online games.

Go Apes
This is a wiki for professionals who teach environmental science. This is geared for high school and college levels.

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