Welcome to Our Projects Page!

To participate in one of the 2011-2012 projects below, please click on the project that interests you for more details. Sign up by emailing Pam Burish, ACE Coordinator for Technology Outreach at pburish@nd.edu. Links will be available by mid-October if enough interest. Children's literature is now active under Teacher Professional Development Opportunities.

Student Projects

  • Student Project 1: Who Inspires You? - This is a student writing project for grades 3 - 12 using images, student writing, and either SlideShare or Animato. Students may start to look for ideas through these free inspirational posters located here.

  • Student Project 2: What Makes a Person Holy? - This is a student writing project for grades 2 - 12 to share on one page their thoughts about a saint (possibly in conjunction with sacramental preparations), a person in their family or someone they come in contact with, or another and to share in a digital story format for others to read.

Teacher Professional Development Opportunities

  • Technology Workshops - Teacher Professional Development -- One hour sessions on University of Notre Dame campus but slideshow and materials can be provided to schools for you to conduct your own sessions.
    1. What's Available for Education? This will be a sampler of free online tools for K - 12 education.
    2. The Power of Delicious - Delicious.com is a social bookmarking site that has great potential for sharing resources with colleagues and for students when working on reports.
    3. Diigo is an online research tool that allows you to web highlight resources, share resources, and collaborate on joint projects.
    4. Visualization and VoiceThread- Discover a new way to incorporate documents, images and video to strengthen students' visualization skills.
    5. What do Google and Zoho Have in Common? Learn about the free suites of collaboration tools offered by Google and Zoho.
    6. Starting Your Own Web Page, Blog, or Wiki
    7. Other topics?

  • What's New in Children's Literature Teacher Professional Development for grades K - 6. Our wiki entitled Rustling Literary Winds is ready to go! Each month starting in October, a different topic will be presented that ties children's literature to either a reading genre, a content area such as writing, a particular reader such as 'guy and girl readers', a body of literature with cultural identity such as Hispanic literature for children, and evolve with topics of interest to this group. This will be a chance to explore newly published children's books as well as treasured favorites, blogs and Internet resources to find engaging books and activities for our students to improve key reading skills. Your role will be to comment on a book or resource that strikes your fancy or meets a student need within your classroom. You are also strongly encouraged to share books and resources you know within the comments section of the blog. Please send me your name to join the discussion at pburish@nd.edu. Thank you and look forward to working with you!